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hey there, dreamer

if you’re looking for fame, you’ve come to the wrong place.

if you’re looking for awesome high school drama classes, keep scrolling.

dreamers are excellent humans

they’re kind

they’re outrageous

they’re weird

they know what they like

and what’s important to them

dreamers aren’t perfect

they improvise

they make mistakes

they reflect

that’s how they learn

dreamers drama classes are hilarious and loud



drama games

group energy

heated debates

dreamers know that drama isn’t about becoming a star.

drama is about connection

creativity and expression

confidence in the spotlight

making friends

being yourself

dreamers love being dreamers

dreamers are part of the show that never ends

each term we pick a new genre

each class gets a play to work on

we rehearse for eight weeks, then perform on stage

(we have holiday masterclasses sometimes too)

this is what dreamers are working on in 2020

Term 1 – Character Comedy

(performing on 28th March)


Term 2 – Devised Drama

(performing on 27th June)


Term 3 – Tragedy

(performing on 5th September)


Term 4 – Musical Theatre

(performing on 5th December)


(class plays will be announced in class at the end of each term)

there are three locations to choose from

Red Hill (Speak Up Studio)

Monday at 5pm – 6.30pm

Thursday at 6pm – 7.30pm (grade 9+ only)


Indooroopilly (Moore Park Baptist Church)

Wednesday at 5pm – 6.30pm


Southside (Seven Hills State School)

Friday at 5.20pm – 6.30pm

are you dreaming of performing with us?

  • enter your details and tell us about yourself (or your performer)


  • we’ll send you a handy download “how to give a great speech”


  • you’ll be added to our dream-mail list, and you’ll receive occasional updates about upcoming terms, shows, open evenings & holiday masterclasses


are you ready to enrol

dreamers costs $360 per term

paid in three instalments of $120

when you enrol you are committing to an entire term and performance

re-enrolment each term and each year is automatic

holiday masterclasses

advanced acting

work with cool kids

amazing teachers